Aswan is a beautiful and historic city located in the southern part of Egypt. It is often referred to as the “Jewel of the Nile” due to its stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect during your trip to Aswan:

1. Aswan High Dam: Start your journey by visiting the Aswan High Dam, one of the largest dams in the world. It was constructed to control the flow of the Nile River and provide electricity to Egypt. The dam offers panoramic views of Lake Nasser and the surrounding landscape.

2. Philae Temple: Take a boat ride to the island of Agilkia, where you’ll find the Philae Temple. Dedicated to the goddess Isis, this ancient temple complex was relocated to its current location after the construction of the Aswan High Dam. It is renowned for its intricate carvings and beautiful setting on the Nile.

3. Unfinished Obelisk: Don’t miss the Unfinished Obelisk, an impressive archaeological site located in a granite quarry. This massive obelisk was abandoned due to cracks that appeared during its construction. It provides insights into the ancient Egyptian techniques used to create these monumental structures.

4. Nubian Village: Experience the vibrant Nubian culture by visiting a Nubian village. The Nubian people have a unique heritage, with their own language, traditions, and colorful houses. Explore the village, interact with the locals, and learn about their fascinating history.

5. Abu Simbel: A trip to Aswan wouldn’t be complete without visiting the famous Abu Simbel temples. These massive rock-cut temples were built by Pharaoh Ramses II and are dedicated to him and his queen, Nefertari. The temples were also relocated during the construction of the Aswan High Dam and are now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

6. Felucca Ride: Enjoy a relaxing felucca boat ride along the Nile River. These traditional sailboats offer a peaceful way to take in the scenic beauty of Aswan. You can watch the sunset or simply soak in the tranquil atmosphere as you glide along the river.

7. Aswan Souk: Take some time to explore the vibrant Aswan Souk, a traditional market where you can find a wide variety of goods, including spices, jewelry, textiles, and souvenirs. Practice your bargaining skills and immerse yourself in the bustling local atmosphere.

Remember to dress modestly when visiting religious sites, and stay hydrated as Aswan can get quite hot, especially during the summer months. With its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality, Aswan is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories of your trip to Egypt.

NIGHT TRAIN to ASWAN: I took the longest train of my life and it wasn’t good…

I have been invited on a boat by Nubian People to come to their village and eat!

Finding a good RIVER CRUISE on the NILE was so complicated till I met this guy…


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my-trip-to-egypt-aswanAswan is a beautiful and historic city located in the southern part of Egypt. It is often referred to as the "Jewel of the Nile" due to its stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage.


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